We seek to obtain enlightenment through gaining a personal spiritual fortitude and expressing it by means of creative communication with the collective.

Creative communication is the combination of magickal practice, inner work, stewardship, ritual expression, daily practice, and commitment to a daily, personal relationship with your inner spirit and to the divine.

The Collective is the living consciousness of the universe and all those that reside within it. This includes universal forces, Deity, the elements, deep earth energies, the wisdom of nature, ancestral contacts, egregores, thought forms and other occult intelligences. One must also strive to understand the living, because it is the living who create the world of today.

We recognize and value the diversity of personal experience, expression, and interpretation of those seeking enlightenment. All individuals are integral to the existence of the collective, thus the celebration of life itself is a commitment – a commitment that is made in Perfect Love, that must be kept in Perfect Trust, and which is actualized through Perfect Understanding. It is our hope to transcend the ego by embodying the principles of servant hood and stewardship, and by knowing and being true to oneself in keeping with this commitment. On a personal level we must strive to know and be true to ourselves while constantly working to explore and integrate our own shadow, to connect to the curiosity and voice of our inner child, to teach and learn within ourselves and with others – thusly leading a balanced, purposeful life. This leads to the self evolution through which we fortify ourselves spiritually.

At the core of Starwood is the desire to build community around a unique tradition through questioning– by looking within and beyond the surface of what is offered in traditional teachings and books. To accomplish this, we must find and share the deeper meanings of life while working to “kill the fluff” that dissipates personal power. Our purpose in doing so is to honor the tradition of Lady Circe, and to celebrate and expand the teachings of Lady Bona Dea Lyonesse.