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The Litha Season


Feel alive!

The heartbeat of Mother Earth expands and the power of her love is visible in all that is alive. The sun is at its peak as we celebrate the longest day. This is a time to tend to projects, just as those of old would tend their fields. Although the exuberance at this time can be a distraction (and there is growth to be found, also, in distractions), it is an important lesson at this time to also tend to the growth of our soul, and nurture our higher selves; for without doing so, that which we intend to foster the growth of can not come to fruition.

Life is abundant, both without and within. But it is the nature of things at their peak to begin to decline, and so it is with this season. The long days are but an echo of the long nights that will return, and will do so all too soon if we do not take advantage of the blessings that are all around us today.