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There was an old ideal, “The truth shall prevail.” But the modern ideal seems to be, “See that the truth shall be unknown, so that it may not prevail.” — Gerald Gardner

The Streams of Imbolc

Imbolc is the festival of light. Not only the light of burning candles, but the spark of light, the “quickening”, the first faint pulse beating from the heart of Mother Earth. Microcosmically, this spark is also present within our spiritual lives. That which we decided to let go of at Samhain has been transformed by our soul’s journey through the darkest of the dark time; now the spark of Imbolc gives life to this transformation, and the seeds we will plant soon are born. Quietly, and surrounded by a garden of light, growth has already begun to occur. The same is also true macrocosmically, where some plants have already begun to sprout within the earth. As with all sabbats, keep these parallels in mind to enrich your understanding of our divine connection with nature.


It is said that the Crone Goddess, Hecate, stands at the crossroads at Samhain. This is very appropriate as the time of Samhain is a time of decision; we must decide what to hold onto and what to let go of, much as our pastoral ancestors did. At Imbolc, the Crone is said to drink from a well and be transformed into the Maiden again. This is especially fascinating when we find through research the parallels between Hecate and Brigid in their mythologies.


Brigid is also a Goddess of the crossroads; however, where Hecate stands where three paths meet, Brigid stands where three streams meet. At Samhain, we decide what path we will walk. At Imbolc, the divine forces move us along the paths we have chosen. This is reminiscent of the phrase, “be careful what you ask for; you just might get it.” The choices made are Samhain are truly set in motion by the divine spark of this season, so let’s all hope we made the correct ones!


Let’s look more closely at the three streams that Brigid stands at. What are the divine forces that stir us along from the cauldron of transformation? One of these is the stream of Nature. The Sun, the fire above, is strengthing, and the days have become noticeably longer. The Star within the stone, the Sun at the center of this planet, is sparking forth the life within the Earth. Our hearts, the fire within, is quickening our pulse, drawing us out of the dormancy of the dark times. Who hasn’t already felt a twinge of “spring fever”? Remember the power of the stream of Nature, and let it illumine your path.


Another is the stream of Truth. Not what we as human animals subjectively see as the truth; but the divine truth of the Gods. I believe strongly that in any one on one relationship, every event holds three truths; yours, mine, and somewhere in the middle, betwixt and between these, the divine truth. The divine truth is what links us together, connecting us as a spiritual family, and moves us to grow as a family of spirit. Remember the power of the stream of Truth, and let it illumine your path.


Finally, we have the stream of Knowledge. Not the basal knowledge that we learn from school, books, and the like; the knowledge that comes from living a magickal life. This learning allows us to understand the spiritual lessons that the Gods provide, the knowledge that we, from every cycle, lovingly foster the growth of. This is the knowledge that lets us understand how to use the tools we are given; indeed, it is this stream that allows us to glimpse at the other two! At this Sabbat as well as at the others, let us always remember to develop, expand and share our experience of the great cycles of life, for celebrating this rhythm is to truly hear the voice of the Gods. Remember the power of the stream of Knowledge, and let it illumine your path.


May the Gods guide you on your paths.

Many Blessings,

Palentine Lyonesse