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Quotable Quotes

What do you mean … fluff? Do you mean the surface pseudo-spirituality couched in trendy words to bring in the $ promoted by people that might have read half a book but would like you to think they either wrote the book or at least inspired it? — Lady Bona Dea Lyonesse

Current Moon Phase

Waxing Crescent Moon
Waxing Crescent Moon

The moon is currently in Capricorn
The moon is 4 days old

The mornings are frosty, the air is crisp, and the darkness lingers longer. Step outside, and experience that the Yuletide is upon us. As winter encroaches upon us, things continue to grow bleak. But the promise of the Gods hold true; even in the deepest darkness the light prevails. As we reach for the star that sits upon the Yule tree, it warms both our hearts and spirits, rekindling the fire within us. As we connect with the spirit of the season, the light grows and expands until it encompasses all around us. Couple this with a giving and charitable path, and the light grows even further, until its reach expands across our community, and across our world.

Many blessings in this, the season of light.