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When in doubt, use your left foot. — Lady Bona Dea Lyonesse

Current Moon Phase

Waning Crescent Moon
Waning Crescent Moon

The moon is currently in Leo
The moon is 24 days old

The winds of change have brought forth light from the season of shadow. The fountain of life gushes the life force, surging anew from the depths of Mother Earth. This is the season of connection, the celebration of the joy of life.

These energies are symbolized by the Maypole, or the bilé tree, and are realized in the powers of connection. This season is proof of these powers, as nature and all things within her come together, and joyousness echoed throughout those who chose to realize the potential of these energies.
Some see the Maypole as a phallic symbol, others see the magick of the bilé tree as the bridge that binds together all worlds, and thusly, all things within them. These two ideologies are not in conflict with one another, for the same truth is evident in each. For in each lies the central theme of connection. Those who dance the Maypole with their ribbons as a symbol of sexuality are working the same spell as those who dance to bridge Earth and Sky in the eternal truth of union.

This is the season to experience this union; for what other time of year can you feel the power of the sun beat upon your back one day, and cold rain the next? The restless pursuit of your lover, and the sweet satisfaction of catching them – for a moment, at least. The days grow longer, giving us more time to live by the vitality of the Sun, and to support these experiences by making time to love by the ambiance of the Moon. Opening ourselves up to the joy of these experiences helps us to connect to our environment, to each other, to the ways of old, and to the Gods themselves.

Realizations such as these bring us closer to all things, and those who hold these experiences close to their hearts are the truly blessed ones.